Anti-static, Anti-stench, and that's not all

I've acquired three old trunks that I use as props in the window displays; one from Goodwill, one a street find, and the other was discarded at a band rehearsal room (ages ago when I thought I could play guitar, and it's now apparent I can't). Even though I gathered each trunk from a different location, they all have the same musty, distinct stink.

rock 11715 vampire - 05_lr.jpg

Solution:  Insert dryer sheets. Evidently I'm late to the party on the many uses of dryer sheets.  In addition to inserting sheets into stinky trunks, you can use them to dust, polish, and wipe up spills after you've used them in the dryer.

Caldrea Pear Agave is my preferred dryer sheet, (Sku 113654), for my laundry and for old trunks that reek. 

And speaking of not-so-fresh scents, do you see the clove of garlic in the vampire kit window display?  It's actually a garlic keeper, (Sku 6182869).  Prior to this, I used real cloves of garlic in the display. Don't ever do this.  At first, the garlic smells lovely, but give it six weeks, sealed up in the sun, and when you return and open the door, you will collapse from the stench.  I'm guessing this is why it works so well on vampires.